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Транспортно-экспедиторские услуги

We consolidate and store

your cargo in the territory of the Russian Federation, in ports and at terminals abroad


Consolidation and storage of cargo

TIMEX Group provides warehousing services in the territory of the Russian Federation, in ports and at terminals abroad in the context of door-to-door international delivery of goods

We provide a full range of warehousing services, including safe custody, cargo placement in temporary storage warehouses in Russia, cargo handling and consolidation in countries of origin and transit operations.

We ensure your confidence in the safety of the cargo and its careful transportation..

We offer

  • Safe custody
  • Repacking without storage and with short-term storage
  • Sampling for expert examinations and studies for the purposes of state (sanitary-epidemiological, veterinary, phytosanitary, fumigation, etc.) and customs control
  • Generation and submission of reports on receiving/shipping the goods at the warehouse
  • Measurement of the temperature conditions of the cargo placed in storage
  • Loading and unloading operations
  • Palletizing, repackaging, labeling, and stickering of goods at the warehouse
  • Monitoring of the compliance with storage conditions
  • Provision of warehouse reports in the format required for the client
  • Consolidation of consignments

We are responsible for the result to you,

undertake to solve all issues arising during transportation and coordinate the teamwork of the participants

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Why our clients choose us

  • Individual approach

    Each client has a personal manager, who informs the client at all stages of transportation and customs declaring

  • Quality service

    Quality service and professional advice on all issues of freight forwarding services, storage services, and the customs and civil legislation

  • The full range of services from one company

    We provide full support for transportation, consolidation and storage of cargo in a warehouse, customs declaring and representation of our client’s interests in various state bodies

We work with all types of cargo

Our specialization is transportation of perishable and container cargoes (including prefabricated cargoes). At the same time, we have the competence and extensive experience in the transportation of dangerous, oversized and other nonstandard cargoes.



The cost is determined on the basis of individual conditions, taking into account the following:

  • The customs procedure
  • The range of goods
  • Quantities of goods and articles in a single Customs Declaration
  • The region of clearance
  • The number of vehicles in a single Customs Declaration
We apply a flexible system of discounts depending on the scope of deliveries

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