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Certification and obtaining permits


Certification and obtaining permits

Certification of goods is a mandatory process when carrying out customs clearance of many cargo types

Unless certificates or a declaration of conformity are submitted to a customs authority, the release of products for free circulation is impossible. This process is one of non-tariff regulation methods for circulation of products in the territory of the Russian Federation. The need for certification of imported goods is intended to ensure that only the products that comply with Russian norms and standards are admitted to the market of Russia.

Managers of TIMEX Group will assist in certification of all types, prepare a full package of documents for certification of goods and organize the process of interaction with regulatory authorities

We offer

TIMEX Group works with almost all types of goods subject to certification and/or licensing. Managers of the Company have the following types of certificates and permits drawn up:

  • Certificates of conformity with the GOST and GOST R national systems as well as Technical Regulations of Russia and the Customs Union
  • Voluntary certificates for products
  • A declaration of conformity
  • A certificate of state registration
  • Hygienic, veterinary, phytosanitary, and fumigation certificates
  • Fire certificates
  • Letters of exemption
  • Certificates and opinions of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • An export control report (EXCONT)

We offer comprehensive support

We will relieve you of the necessity to apply by yourselves to the customs authorities on any matters!

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Why our clients choose us

  • Control

    We provide high-quality preparation of documents

  • It's fast

    Working with us means the quick receipt of the necessary documents

  • Flexible pricing policy

    Choose the optimal price/quality ratio for yourself

We work with all types of cargoes

Our specialization is transportation of perishable and container cargoes (including prefabricated cargoes). At the same time, we have the competence and extensive experience in the transportation of dangerous, oversized and other nonstandard cargoes.



The cost is determined on the basis of individual conditions, taking into account the following:

  • The customs procedure
  • The range of goods
  • Quantities of goods and articles in a single Customs Declaration
  • The region of clearance
  • The number of vehicles in a single Customs Declaration
We apply a flexible system of discounts depending on the scope of deliveries

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