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TIMEX Group provides consulting support in the field of foreign economic activities

To reduce the risks associated with declaring goods in a customs authority, our experts will help you understand all the intricacies of the customs clearance. They will assist you to identify areas of possible risks, explain and formulate the vision of the issue in layman’s terms, and suggest its quick solutions. Our professionals have accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience in the financial law, customs law and logistics. All this expertise will allow us to effectively solve your issues related to foreign economic activities.

For companies that are just beginning their activities in the field of foreign economic activities and for those companies that have already started the work, but value their time and quality of the services received, TIMEX Group provides consulting support in foreign economic activities.

Legal consulting:

  • Appeal of decisions, actions (inaction) of customs authorities and their officials
  • Preparation of foreign economic contracts
  • Advice on the rules for obtaining certification documents and permits
  • Representation and protection of interests as a defender in proceedings on administrative offenses in the field of customs affairs
  • Consultations

FEA consulting:

  • Analysis of conditions of a foreign trade transaction
  • Determination of the customs value
  • Determination of privileges and tariff preferences
  • Classification of goods according to the EAEU FEACN (Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature of the Eurasian Economic Union)
  • Check of documents for customs clearance
  • Determination of delivery options (logistics)
  • Refund of advance payments
  • Assistance in obtaining a customs classification decision
  • Confirmation of the declared value
  • Advice on the customs legislation

We are responsible for the result to you

undertake to solve all issues arising during interaction and coordinate the teamwork of the participants

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Why our clients choose us

  • Proficiency

    The full range of consulting activities on foreign economic activities

  • Expertise

    Professional advice on the customs and civil laws

  • Accuracy

    An alternative point of view and an opportunity to assess the situation more accurately

  • Service

    Individual approach and quality service

We work with all types of cargo

Our specialization is transportation of perishable and container cargoes (including prefabricated cargoes). At the same time, we have the competence and extensive experience in transportation of dangerous, oversized and other nonstandard cargoes.



The cost is determined on the basis of individual conditions, taking into account the following:

  • The customs procedure
  • The range of goods
  • Quantities of goods and articles in a single Customs Declaration
  • The region of clearance
  • The number of vehicles in a single Customs Declaration
We apply a flexible system of discounts depending on the scope of deliveries

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