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Cargo insurance

Insurance is the best way to avoid financial losses


Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance is an important operation for all participants of international economic activities, and especially for the cargo owner.

The main goal is to prevent financial losses due to accidental events. Such events may include damage to the cargo (intentional or unintentional) or its total loss. There are many different conditions of cargo insurance. Such as “insurance with liability for all risks”, “with liability for total loss of cargo” and others. Our specialists will help you to choose the risk coverage to use, the insured amount, the tariff and against what events (risks) you should be insured. Our company will also make every possible effort to prevent the occurrence of an insured event, and if it occurs we will take all measures to minimize the consequences, regardless of the financial risk coverage, the place and time of its occurrence. All payments are made by the insurer, in the manner and amount stipulated by the terms of the contract. We will track the effect of the contract terms and will not allow falsification or deception. A failure to use the opportunity of cargo insurance is a significant and unjustified risk. Financial losses resulting from the occurrence of an insured event are generally disproportionate to the cost of insurance.

Having concluded an insurance contract, you are guaranteed not to suffer losses, even in case of damage to the property. Insurance is reliable protection against financial losses.

What is included in the service

Specialists of our company have extensive experience in management of international contracts. In a short time they will carry out the following work:

  • They will assess risks in accordance with the signed international contract
  • They will specify clear boundaries of ownership transfer and risk transfer for the cargo.
  • They will make the optimal insurance program for different stages of cargo movement.
  • They will create recommendations for signing the contract to protect your interests as much as possible.

We are responsible for the result to you

undertake to solve all issues arising during transportation and coordinate the teamwork of the participants

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Why our clients choose us

  • Choosing a reliable insurance company

    from the TOP 10 rating of insurance companies

  • Selection of optimal insurance programs

    Risk mitigation with minimal financial costs

  • Obtaining special conditions due to the volumes of TIMEX

    We buy - you save

  • Support in case of the insured event

    You won't be alone with the insurance company. We will assist you in receiving payments.

We work with all types of cargoes

Our specialization is transportation of perishable and container cargoes (including prefabricated cargoes). At the same time, we have the competence and extensive experience in the transportation of dangerous, oversized and other nonstandard cargoes



The cost is determined on the basis of individual conditions, taking into account the following:

  • The customs procedure
  • The range of goods
  • Quantities of goods and articles in a single Customs Declaration
  • The region of clearance
  • The number of vehicles in a single Customs Declaration
We apply a flexible system of discounts depending on the scope of deliveries

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