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Customs declaring

our main specialization


Customs declaring of goods

Any goods that cross the border of the Russian Federation require mandatory customs declaring

Customs declaring of goods (customs processing, customs clearance, or cargo declaration) is a set of consecutive actions that need to be performed while the cargo is moving across the customs border of the customs union. The owners of the goods can take documentary solutions to any emerging issues on customs declaring upon themselves, but the best option, which is going to save your time and nerves, is to order services from specialized companies. The work of professionals in this field is the quick and least costly solution to the issue of import and export of goods. Our specialists provide these services at all stages of the customs declaring procedure.

Timex Group provides its customers with a full list of customs procedures:

import, export, a bonded warehouse, customs transit, processing within/outside the customs territory, temporary import/export, re-import, and re-export.


We offer

  • To prepare on our own or to provide consultations and assistance in preparation of a foreign economic contract, including with consideration to the terms of Incoterms 2010
  • To check the sufficiency and correctness of the documents submitted
  • To have permits obtained (certificates of conformity, declarations of conformity, state registration certificates, etc.)
  • To prepare a set of permits, certificates and licenses
  • To assist in registration with the customs authority when applying for the first time
  • To determine the customs value of your goods
  • To represent the interests of a participant in foreign trade activities during additional checks (including release of goods) and return of security
  • To provide storage in a temporary storage warehouse, forwarding and handling of cargo in the customs control zone
  • To ensure that the good undergoes the customs clearance and control procedure
  • To calculate customs duties and fees
  • To organize the procedure and to represent your interests if the customs authorities prescribe customs examination/inspection/supervision of cargo by customs authorities
  • To determine EAEU FEACN (Foreign Economic Activity Commodity Nomenclature of the Eurasian Economic Union) codes

We offer comprehensive support

We will relieve you of the necessity to apply by yourselves to the customs authorities on any matters!

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Why our clients choose us

  • Individual approach

    Each client has a personal manager, who informs the client at all stages of transportation and customs declaring

  • Guarantee of cargo safety

    We insure goods with major insurance companies

  • The full range of services from a single company

    We provide full support for transportation, consolidation and storage of cargo in a warehouse, customs declaring and representation of our client’s interests in various state bodies

  • Wide geographical coverage of regions

    We deliver cargoes and declare them in a large number of regions—from Saint Petersburg to Vladivostok

  • Optimization of the route and consideration of the goods-specific aspects

    We advise on choosing the optimal place of customs declaring and a delivery route, taking the goods-specific aspects into account

  • Consultations

    Professional advice on the customs and civil legislation

We work with all types of cargoes

Our specialization is transportation of perishable and container cargoes (including prefabricated cargoes). At the same time, we have the competence and extensive experience in the transportation of dangerous, oversized and other nonstandard cargoes.


We declare

Depending on the conditions and tasks we face in each individual project, we can go through the necessary formalities for your cargo with any customs authority in the territory of the Russian Federation. Now we regularly carry out customs declaring with the following customs authorities:

  • North West Customs Directorate

    Baltic Customs

    Saint Petersburg Customs

    Pskov Customs

    Kingisepp Customs

    Vyborg Customs

    // .01
    North West Customs Directorate
  • Central Customs Directorate

    Moscow Regional Customs

    Smolensk Customs

    Bryansk Customs

    // .02
    Central Customs Directorate
  • Far Eastern Customs Directorate

    Vladivostok Customs

    Nakhodka Customs

    // .03
    Far Eastern Customs Directorate
  • Southern Customs Directorate

    Novorossiysk Customs

    // .04
    Southern Customs Directorate


The cost is determined on the basis of individual conditions, taking into account the following:

  • The customs procedure
  • The range of goods
  • Quantities of goods and articles in a single Customs Declaration
  • The region of clearance
  • The number of vehicles in a single Customs Declaration
We apply a flexible system of discounts depending on the scope of deliveries

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